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We are a website dedicated to a special kind of a joke... the boner joke. They're pretty funny... sort of. This site is comprised solely of user-generated content. Feel free to submit as many jokes as you like.

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What is a boner joke?

Boner jokes fall into a special category of mildly funny, mildly crude jokes. Boner jokes are any sayings, names, places, titles, anything really, where you replace one word or part of a word with boner. Here's an example:

Who doesn't love the classic Christmas jingle, "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"? Some might even say that it could never be improved upon. This might be true, but regardless it makes for a perfect title to be turned into a boner joke. Check it out:

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer becomes...

Rudolph the Red Boner Reindeer

Ha ha ha hilarious!

Well then, what isn't a boner joke? I'll illustrate:

One boner says to another boner, "What's Up?"

The other boner says, "Me!"

This, while also quite hilarious, is not the correct kind of boner joke.

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